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Новинка от компании Strobel!

Seam lock for single thread blindstitch chainstitch seams
- Newly designed seam locking systems for our VEB100-1, -2, -3 and VEB200-1, -2 series.
- Available as optional equipment starting from April 2018 for head only and complete set.
- Retrofittable to VEB100 starting from version 3, VEB200 starting from version 2.
- Requires machines equipped with thread trimmer and electropneumatic foot lift.
- Fully compatible with Efka motor DC1200/1210 with control box AB611A.

VEB100-1, -2, -2W: Seam lock by spot tack
The seam lock by spot tack is for seam end. The spot tack is invisible from the outside as the
tack stitches are only in the hem turn up and not in the outside fabric. The number of tack
stitches and the speed of tack stitches can be programmed.

VEB200-1, -2 and VEB100-3: Seam lock by thread interloop
The seam lock by thread interloop is for seam end. It is
invisible from both sides, as no fabric is stitched for the knot.
Only one knot is necessary for
securing the seam end.


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